Your last journey tailored to you

Posted on April 15th, 2017

When someone close to you passes away it is a traumatic and chaotic time that can leave you feeling very stressed. Before you know where you are, people are talking of funerals and what your loved one’s funeral wishes were and this is often a tough question to answer.

You are tasked with arranging dates, location, flower tributes, selecting music and much more, but sometimes with little to go on you are often left clutching at straws.

One of the many things you must consider is the transportation requirements not just for yourself but for the deceased. Not everyone wants a traditional hearse to take their loved one on their final journey and more people want something bespoke to reflect their lives.

At Freedom Funerals, we know that the short drive from say, Colchester to Sudbury, isn’t very far, but doing it the right way and in the right vehicle is important.

We’ve had the privilege to give people the send-off in the vehicle that means a lot to them including a motorcycle with sidecar, Land Rover Defender with trailer and many more bespoke solutions.

People’s hobbies in life can be remembered and picking the transportation they loved can make their last drive special.
Or if cars were not important then we have a range of highly affordable vehicles available that give you added peace of mind and fit in with any budget.

Whatever you wishes we give you the Freedom to choose the vehicle you want to help make your loved one’s final journey unique to their lives.