Our first Death Cafe shines light on matters of life and death

Posted on February 23rd, 2017

Yesterday we hosted the first ever Colchester Death Café helping to break the taboo of talking about life and death.  The Death Cafe movement has spread across the globe with nearly 5,000 cafes opened around the world.

The tea and cake fuelled event inspired an evening of free-flowing conversation at the Level Best Art Café.  On arrival, guests introduced themselves to the group and spoke about their reasons for attending before sharing their stories and experiences. The event was not a grief support group, but an open forum of discussions with a diverse range of topics about coping with death, the logistics of dying, how to behave around people who are terminally ill to what happens when somebody dies and how to enjoy life to the full. Lee fielded and answered honestly a variety of questions regarding the logistics of funerals and caring for those that pass away.


What attendees had to say…

“I have wanted to attend a death cafe since I first read about the movement some time ago. In my family we talk about the prospect of death openly, which I feel people should do more as it makes things easier when someone does pass away.”

“Enjoyed the evening, lots of useful conversation with personal experiences”

“I feel more positive”

“Very interesting”

“Very good indeed thank you”

We are planning our next Death Café event, please do contact us on 01206 862 963 if you would like to book a space or hear more.